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Do you overly finger like the joy in your life has gone out? Like you’re living a Groundhog Day existence? Today feels the same as yesterday, and the same as the day surpassing that? Yah, me too. It’s a terrible and depressive way to live. You’re not alone. Many people are feeling like that these days. The last 3 years as we’ve grappled with covid, lived through a global pandemic, and spent so much time in isolation ways that it has been easy to finger low. It can finger like you’ve lost your spark, or your joy for living. This can be an indicator that your sacral energy has gone offline.

The Sacral Chakra governs sensuality, sexuality, and pleasure. It is the wiring of the Kundalini, where our creative potential lies.

If you’re looking for a way to tap into your creativity this year, to bring your inner versifier out from its hiding place, the sacral chakra is the energy part-way to focus on.

A Balanced Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana)

When the sacral chakra is healthy, you are worldly-wise to source your own energy for creativity, movement, procreation, desire, pleasure, and relationships. You’re largest worldly-wise to express what you want and need, not only in intimate relationships, but in all relationships. In healthy wastefulness this chakra helps you move out of survival, and into prioritizing pleasure in your days.

Second Chakra Misalignment


When the sacral chakra is out of alignment, you may wits any of the following: chronic lower when pain, ovarian cysts, or other reproductive issues, impotence, challenges with the bladder, pelvic floor, and kidneys.

Blocked chakras can moreover profoundly stupefy the quality of our mind and thoughts. Mentally, this can manifest as: Difficulty in expressing our emotions, and needs, getting lost in sexual fantasy, or lack of interest in sex all together.

Our persons are amazingly intelligent and precise in the way that they signal to us when we are out of balance. I remember in my early 20’s stuff in a very tumultuous relationship. I was obsessed with this guy, and let’s just say we were oversexed and very dramatic in all the ways! I kept getting hip pain and ovarian cysts. When I read well-nigh the deeper meaning of these things, I realized I wasn’t in a healthy relationship. I didn’t finger the sacredness of sex or my soul in any way. The guy kept waffly his mind well-nigh whether we were in a monogamous relationship or not. It was truly chaotic, and causing stress for both my soul and mind.

I ended the relationship, and wasn’t surprised that very shortly after, the pain and cysts dissolved on their own. “Ahh…” I thought, “my soul can come when into structuring now.”

Life gives us many lessons, and if we are attuned to the sensitive signal of our Chakras that tell us where we need to get when into alignment, we can make adjustments to bring our persons and minds when into balance.

How Strengthen your Sacral Chakra Energy

  • Dance everyday! Let yourself finger how your soul moves to music..especially move through hips and pelvis, unshut that pleasure zone up.
  • Do Sat Kriya for 3 mins a day (as we do in this Sacral Chakra practice) this awakens the creativity of you and your life.
  • Have a bath by candlelight, ignite your senses. Massage your skin with oil, take time to luxuriate in pampering yourself and feeling the sensations on your skin.
  • Take a vitals dancing class! Ha, I wish we could do that together!
  • Express your creativity as you did when you were a child. Draw, write, paint..go roller skating even! Do what ignites you. It’s time to prioritize that.

Most of all have fun with this! This chakra reminds us to bring when the fun, welter and pleasure in our lives. Let yourself start enjoying your life more, in both little and big ways..go on, I dare you!

Don’t forget you can moreover practice withal with me on Wanderlust TV, balancing the sacral chakra in my Svadisthana class, and then follow up your practice with this 10-minute journalling exercise:

WLTV template Sat Siri Journalling Sacral Chakra

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Rachel Dougherty (Sat Siri) is a trailblazing, next generation, Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer. She travels the world teaching Kundalini Yoga in places like Bali, Maui, Mexico and India. She has been practicing Yoga and Meditation for over twenty years and teaching Kundalini Yoga for fourteen. She practiced Iyengar Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, and many other modalities surpassing finding Kundalini Yoga. A former ballet dancer with the Australian Ballet, Rachel found ballet meditation in motion, a creative expression that renewed her perspective with each step, turn or jump.

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