5 Yoga Poses Double as Sensual Sex Positions

Interested in yoga poses for sex? You and your partner can have fun exploring which yoga poses double as sex positions in this article, so read on!

Yoga is one of the most salubrious mind and soul practices you can requite yourself. Sex, like yoga, is an extremely natural yet sacred thing that happens to the mind, soul and heart. Sex and yoga vacated are a total soul workout, so combining the two seems to just make sense.

Yoga-inspired sex poses? Yes please!

There are many yoga poses that can double as sex positions.

Odds are that you’re once combining sex and yoga. . . So why not feed two birds with one seed by performing yoga poses during sexy time with your partner for a full soul workout that’s moreover incredibly sensual and enjoyable?

Side note: You and your partner do not need to be experienced yoga practitioners to take these yoga poses to the bedroom. . . or counter-top . . . wherever you both prefer that day! 😉

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Here Are 5 Yoga Poses That Double as Sex Positions for an Out-Of-This-World Experience:

The pursuit yoga poses for sex are beginner-friendly, so you can explore which are wieldy in your soul and which finger weightier during sex.

Be sure that both you and your partner use well-spoken and uncontrived liaison throughout the experience. Tell your partner what you like and what isn’t working, and use this time to both enjoy new sex positions and moreover deepen your connection with each other.

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1. Underpass Pose


How to Practice: Lay on your back, and placing your feet hip-width apart, uncork to lift the seat off the mat (or bed) until your knees are in line with your hips. Draw your shoulder blades together, keeping them on the ground while interlacing your fingers underneath the hips.

Tip: To make this increasingly of a passive position, you can place a yoga block, bolster, or pillow underneath your lower when for a supported variation of this yoga pose for sex.

Body Benefit: Underpass Pose stretches the hip flexors, quads and torso, tones the glutes, and moreover tones the vagina considering you are squeezing the pelvic floor (same effect as doing kegels), which will in turn modernize your orgasms. Yes please!

2. Cat/Cow Stretch



How to Practice: Start in a table-top position, wrists under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Spread your fingers wide to protect your wrists, and do a few cat/cow stretches to warm up your spine surpassing getting into your sex position.

Tip: If you’re having sex in this yoga pose on a nonflexible surface, tuck your toes and/or place a folded wrap underneath your knees for widow support.

Body Benefit: Cat/Cow is a unconfined yoga pose for spinal health. Practicing these two poses together helps stretch and shrink your spine, increase thoroughbred spritz to the spinal column, and alimony your spinal discs hydrated. This pose is moreover unconfined for your posture.

If you alimony your pelvic floor engaged while you practice Cat/Cow, it can moreover strengthen the kegel muscles. The kegel muscles are what’s contracting when you orgasm, so this practice over time can make your orgasms much increasingly controlled.

3. Happy Baby Pose


How to Practice: Lay on your back, and start by hugging your knees into your chest. Take a vapor or two here and then indulge your knees to unshut and the marrow of your feet to squatter the ceiling. Flex your feet, grab onto the inner or outer stipule and gently pull your thighs towards the floor.

Body Benefit: This yoga pose gently stretches the hips, inner groin, and hamstrings. Happy Baby increases circulation, which calms the mind, unshut the hips, and allows the spine to relax. This yoga pose is unconfined for sex considering it aids in increasing your libido and making you finger good with easy clitoral stimulation.

4. Cobra Pose


How to Practice: Laying on your stomach with your chin on the mat or bed, plant your palms underneath your shoulders. Use an inhale to lift your chin and chest, as your hips and lower soul printing firmly lanugo into the floor.

Tip: If you have a sensitive lower back, or if you just want to try a variegated position with your legs, try spreading your ankles wider towards the edges of your mat (or wider than your hips).

Body Benefit: Cobra Pose stimulates the sexual centers within the body, particularly by strengthening the cadre and pelvic region. Practicing Cobra Pose can increase your stamina and sexual performance. Your body’s positioning can make you climax faster considering of where you and your partner connect.

5. Plow Pose


How to Practice: Starting on your back, lift your legs skyward. From there, bring your hands to your low when for support, and uncork to swivel at the hips as you indulge your legs to lower towards the floor vastitude your head. Your legs can remain straight, or you can bring a wrench into the knees.

Tip: Plow is a increasingly wide yoga pose that doubles as a sexual position. Take this one slow and be sure to not move your throne or neck once your legs are in the air. If it feels too intense for you, then when out of the pose and try Happy Baby (#3 on this list) instead.

Body Benefit: This yoga pose stimulates the full body. It stretches the spine, bringing fresh thoroughbred to your smart-ass and pelvic area. Once that thoroughbred spritz increases to both the smart-ass and pelvis, your orgasm will be as strong as ever.

Try These Yoga Positions for Sensual and Orgasmic Sex

To some yoga practitioners (myself included), both yoga and sex vacated are soul-striking, passionate acts. When you practice yoga or have sex, it’s an intimate act that reminds you how to really feel in the moment, and in turn impacts how you then perceive and act in the world.

The eyeful in combining a yoga pose into a sexual position is in the creativity and intimacy it fosters between you and your partner. It’s moreover a fun way to underpass your yoga practice with your sex life.

Take superintendency of your soul and take full wholesomeness of these yoga poses for sex withal with their many benefits. Your body, mind, and partner will thank you!

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