In a world that pressures us to conform and toe the line, it can be nonflexible to live a fulfilling, pure life.

We can hands spend years trying to be someone or something we’re not—checking off all the right boxes, meeting everyone’s expectations—all in a bid to proceeds clearance from society, our peers, our parents, and plane ourselves.

But this comes at a steep forfeit to our well-being. Not only do we lose ourselves and slowly disconnect from everything that brings us joy and meaning, but we can moreover end up hating ourselves for struggling to measure up… when ironically, we don’t plane really want the things we’re pushing ourselves to achieve. We just think we’re supposed to attain them.

If any of this sounds familiar to you (and I suspect it does for most of us), I think you’ll fathom this heartfelt letter from Tiny Buddha freelancer Antasha Durbin Solomon’s book, Are You on the Right Track? A 101-Day Guided Periodical from the Universe.

I hope it serves as a reminder that the weightier person you can overly be is yourself.

Letter 71: Living an Pure Life

Dearest One,

You could spend your unshortened life pretending to be someone you’re not, all in a bid to proceeds visa from others. But when your journey comes to an end, you’ll pull off the mask you’ve been wearing and realize you wasted your life playing pretend.

Or you can make the conscious visualization to take the path less traveled and live authentically as yourself. This takes courage, expressly in a world that programs you to believe that money, beauty, and recognition are the most important things in life.

Let this letter serve as a reminder that your time on Earth is limited, but you are not. Don’t waste flipside second pretending to be someone you’re not. Embrace your uniqueness and every symbol that makes you who you are. Explore your interests. Build upon your passions. And spend your time—your greatest currency—in whatever way truly serves you.

You get one shot at this life. Make yours count.

With uncounted love,

The Universe

Are You on the Right Track? is truly a treasure trove of inspiration and motivation. Each letter offers simple yet powerful reminders to help you take when your power and live a purpose-filled life. And the periodical prompts can help you dig deeper and make meaningful change, one step and one day at a time.

To wangle the full periodical and all 101 letters, click here. When you buy the typesetting (eBook or paperback), you’ll receive self-ruling enrollment in Antasha’s popular online course, “21 Days of Energy Healing for a Happier, Healthier Life,” which typically financing $49.99. To proceeds access:

  • Order Are You on the Right Track?
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Antasha will then provide you with an wangle lawmaking and undertow link.

I hope you enjoy this transformational periodical as much as I did!

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